Thread Lift Bangkok, Thailand

There is a new catch phrase these days referring a person traveling abroad to have Cosmetic Surgery procedures performed known as Medical Tourism and Thailand is the destination of choice. Bangkok based is one of the more popular medical offices patients are coming to particularly for Thread Lift surgery. A thread lift procedure is a fairly recent cosmetic surgical technique that is available for individuals who would like somewhat of a quick "pick me up" and are not necessarily ready to undergo a full facelift. In addition, thread lifts are less invasive, the cost is less, and achieve optimal results with less recovery time. In some locations, cosmetic and plastic surgeons refer to a thread lift as the "weekend facelift" because it can be performed in generally about an hour.


Probably one of the more beneficial sides of thread lift plastic surgery is that surgeons are capable of achieving superior results with less aggressive techniques than ever before. Thread lifts entail the use of sutures that are slightly barbed on one end. They are able to actually lift different portions of facial features to result in a more smooth and toned appearance. The most common of all areas thread lifts are employed are on the eyelids, eyebrows, sagging necklines, and at the crease between the nose and mouth that tends to deepen with age.

Two of the more common thread lift techniques utilized today is the Contour Thread Lift. Contour threads are made of a polypropylene material that have very slight bards on one end. Also, the Feather Lift or Aptos Thread Lift which has tiny barbs along the entire length of the thread. Both are used to anchor excess skin in place along various anchor points in order to fill out or lift trouble areas.

Subcutaneous tissues lifted using the barbed end on either one of these types of threads, which then are fastened to stable structures and underlying facial tissues. The closed technique involves no incisions and necessitates the surgeon to very carefully mold or form the soft facial tissues over the suture's surface at a variety of points to gain optimal results. Open techniques of thread lift procedures entail a slightly small incision through which the surgeon will insert any type of various small instruments to create a surface under the layers of skin in which sutures can be affixed. Both techniques can range from a few to a couple of dozen depending on the particular patients needs.


Who Benefits From Thread Lift Plastic Surgery?

Thread lift surgery can benefit anyone that is unhappy with sagging jowls, weak jaw line, droopy eyelids or eyebrows. These types of procedures are most effective on patients that just require a minimal "lift" procedure and for those usually between the ages of 35 - 50. Eyebrows, eyelids, the folds of skin between the eyebrows, also the folds between the nose and the mouth, neck lines and chin lines are some of the most common locations for this type of simple thread lift surgery in which the results are very effective and beneficial. is one of the more popular medical offices for people wanting to improve their appearance. Aside from the Cosmetic Surgery, is an all in one stop where we can advise and help plan your trip to Thailand for your Cosmetic Surgery. You can feel secure knowing that you be well taken care of from the moment you arrive in the Kingdom of Thailand through your surgery and recovery. Please contact with any questions and concerns and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The time is now to take the first step.