Facelift Procedures Bangkok, Thailand

Traditional Facelift Surgery:

A facelift is the surgical removal of wrinkles most commonly due to the aging process, this cosmetic procedure will give one a more youthful appearance. Face lifts basically involves a smoothing out of the wrinkles on your face and then a tightening up of all the tissue, creating the appearance of a younger and a more firm face. Read More.

Thread Lift Procedure:

The Thread Lift is similar to that of a Facelift and can be done in the surgeon's office with a very quick recovery time. This type of procedure is less involved than the more common facelift which will require a longer recovery period. Some people with a busy lifestyle or that are uncomfortable with a longer type procedure will prefer this less complicated surgery with the results being more subtle. Read More.

Acculift, Non-Surgical Facelift:

The Acculift technique is performed as an outpatient procedure and commonly will take about an hour and a half too complete. A local anesthesia is used lessening the risks associated with a general anesthesia. Usually four to six tiny incisions are done where the tightening is needed mainly in the area of the neck. Then the patented AccuSculpt 1444 laser is implemented. The certified surgeon inserts the small laser fiber and using the 1444nm wavelength will proceed to remove the fat. Read More.